Lizards Management Services in Indore

lizards management services in indore
House lizards are found inside house. People are afraid of these house lizards thinking these house lizards as poisonous. But in reality the lizards are absolutely harmless to humans. They do not bite or scratch humans. They always shy away and run to hide from humans. The house lizards are active during evening hours when lights are on and the insects that are attracted to light come out. The house lizards eat them and spiders. In a way, the house lizards keep houses insect and spider free.

Keep the house clean

A dirty house invites lizards in. If lizards are not welcome in the house, keep the house clean. A clean surrounding does not allow the lizard to hide any place. So , no mess inside the house, no lizards in the house.

Stop their entry in the house
Lizards enter in the house in search of their food. They can squish their scaly body through tiny cracks and holes. So the best way is to find these openings and seal them permanently as this will prevent entry of any pest inside the house.

Stop food supply
Lizards come in search of food. If the food is eradicated, lizards will never enter in the house. A special care is to be taken to keep the house insect free. No lizard will come in if there is no insect or spider in the house.

Keep the area dark
Lizards love warm, well lit areas as this attracts insects. If the area where lizards are visible are kept dark, the lizards will go away.

Remove standing water
Lizards are attracted to standing water as this is a wonderful breeding ground for insects. All places with standing water should be removed to keep house lizards away from house.

Lizards Pest Control

Lizards Management Services are best available option to control house lizards. Some pesticides are available which kills the lizards but it is best for the professionals to handle the lizards.