Bed Bugs Management Services
Bed bugs management services
Bed bugs are totally blood sucking insects. They live on blood only. They are not carriers of any disease as such but their bites can cause many problems. Their bites are itchy and can lead to infections and skin conditions. Amount of blood lost to their sucking is a major issue and blood transfused diseases cannot be ruled out. These bed bugs have a long life span. They can live for long time without food. An adult bed bug can live up to one year without any fill of blood. Getting rid of bed bugs are tough.

Areas of Bed Bugs-
Bed, Books, Bookcases, Radios, Carpets, and Cracks in furniture or walls, crevices must be checked for bed bugs and on finding them, should be destroyed with pesticides.

Method of Bed Bugs Management Services-

  1. To treat Bed Bugs, one should clean everything with boiling water. After that, they should be dried in highest possible temperature.
  2. Those things which cannot be washed must be kept under direct sunlight for a very long time.
  3. Every house hold furniture and upholstery should be cleaned with very stiff brush.
  4. Every mattress and pillow should be covered in zippered cover so no bed bug can enter in them.
  5. Every crack must be found out in furniture and walls of the house and they should be properly repaired.